The seaside resort of Calis is both a stunning holiday resort and a popular residential area for both locals and ex-pats, due to the excellent local amenities.
Holiday homes, investment properties and permanent homes can all be found in Calis, spanning a large area, with holiday home buyers and investors preferring property in Calis to be located close to the beach and resort centre for convenience and for the best rental yields for investors which can quite often stretch into the winter months, and for investors there is also the possibility of long term rentals too, as there are some locals and ex-pats that choose to rent rather than buy.
Calis is also perfect for year round living, being a predominantly flat area unlike the hillside resorts above, and enjoying warmer temperatures in the winter giving a great climate throughout the year and a great range of everyday amenities from restaurants and bars to schools and a hospital, along with great range of properties of available near the centre or on the outskirts in more peaceful locations.